Messaging, reimagined.

End-to-end encrypted, onion routed, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer messaging and payments.

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Familiar Messenger
Have you used telegram, whatsapp, or signal? Most of the same features you love you'll find here.
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No Phone Number or Email
You will never need to give us your phone number or email. You won't even need to create an account.
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Native Payments
Send and receive payments as easily as you send a text message. Money is instantly available in your Juggernaut wallet.
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No Third Party
There are no Juggernaut servers to connect to. All messages and payments are routed peer-to-peer over the Lightning Network.
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Bitcoin & Lightning Wallet
Send/Receive Bitcoin and Create/Pay Lightning invoices. Open, close, and manage all of your lightning channels.
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Your keys, your coins. Juggernaut connects directly to your lightning node leaving control in your hands.

More than Messaging

Juggernaut is more than just a new messenger. It enjoys all the capabilities provided by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Send and receive money without restrictions

With Juggernaut there are no third parties to ask for permission. Send and receive payments as small as 0.001 satoshis.


Request money from anyone

In a few clicks send a payment request to anyone who owes you money. They can pay the request in one click and the money is instantly settled in your wallet.

Payment Request

Always be well connected to the Lightning Network.

Juggernaut will show you everything you need to know to choose the best nodes to connect with. See that status of every channel you have and close the ones that aren't working out.

Channel Management


Messaging powered by Bitcoin's Lightning Network is brand new. If your questions aren't answered here, just ask.
Juggernaut will always be completely free to use. We want to enable people across the globe to communicate freely, privately, and without censorship. The project is completely open source and we welcome contributions if you'd like to help out!
All you need is a lightning node to get started. Currently we only support LND 0.9.0 or later. We hope to soon release support for c-lightning and eclair nodes. Juggernaut depends on an experimental feature of LND called keysend. This allows someone to send a payment to a public key without needing an invoice first. To be able to receive keysend payments on your LND node please start it with the flag --accept-keysend
Juggernaut uses a combination of keysend payments with custom data records to implement all the messenging capabilities. When you send a message to someone you are actually sending a 1 satoshi payment to that person with your message encoded as a custom record entry. A running balance is kept between chat participants so that over time the amount spent on these payments will tend towards 0 satoshis.
Yes, it does cost some money to route a payment through the lightning network. If you are messaging someone who you have an open channel with then the fees will be zero. If you must route through other nodes to get your message to its destination then you will incur some small routing fees. These fees will be displayed next to each message so you are aware of how much it costs and can open new channels to mitigate them if necessary.
As long as your lightning node is online to receive the payments then these messages will not be missed. Each time Juggernaut is started it processes all payments received since last time it was opened to look for new messages.
There are lots of reasons why a message might fail to send. If the receiving node is an older version of LND (before 0.9.0), not running with --accept-keysend flag, or a node that does not support keysend payments then you will not be able to message that node. If there is no route available to reach the destination then you will need to open new channels to be able to reach them. It's also possible nodes along the route are charging high fees to route your messages. In this case you can increment the fee limit you are willing to pay.
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Juggernaut is for everyone. See what people are saying about it:
Citizen Bitcoin
“Unstoppable messaging and easy lightning payments (no invoices needed!) rolled up into a nice UI. An impressive v1, can't wait to see more!”
Brady Swensen
Bitcoin Educator
“Just tested the awesome Juggernaut desktop app! Easy to connect your node and send messages or payments with keysend over Lightning Network.”
@openoms Founder
“Just tested out juggernaut and it’s amazing dude love the UI! It’s like looking to the future. Nearly free encrypted instant messaging to anyone around the world.”
Brandom Bailey Founder
Lightning Koala
“Juggernaut is blowing my mind. A messaging client built on lightning. Connect to your LND node and bim bada boom, encrypted, peer-to-peer chat over the lightning network with built-in payments. THIS SHIT IS INSANELY COOL”
Lightning Koala
Author of
“Wow - this is HUGE! Congrats! Excited to try it out - updating my node!”
Tristan Lamonica
“Juggernaut looks sweet! The UI looks so clean. Definitely something that is needed in this space to attract more users. Love it man! Great job.”
@thunderhubio Project

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